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Make Your Roofing More Energy Efficient with a Cool Roof

The benefits of cool roofs multiply over time. They can help in saving money in addition to protecting the environment. By installing a cool roof, you are investing in the future and in the environment.

A cool roof can save the money by lowering the electricity bills, since they can provide a cooling effect during the hot summer months. Plants help in absorbing the sun’s rays and add an extra layer of protection between the UV rays and the roof’s membrane, thus helping the inside of the building to stay cool. Hence there will be no need for an air conditioner or at least its usage will be reduced.

Normal roofs can deteriorate over time and eventually you may need to replace them, but green roofs deteriorate much more slowly than the normal roofs, especially owing to the shield from UV rays as well as other elements. Even handling storm water run off will be easy and cost efficient with this roofing technology. Normal roofs need proper drainage systems to minimize the damage caused by rainwater runoff. But a green roof can easily absorb huge amounts of rainwater and cause very minimal damage.

Besides, a cool roof has a positive impact on the environment. Owing to the massive amounts of buildings, metal, concrete, etc, the temperature in cities is very high comparatively. But a green roof can lower this heat and create a comfortable environment. Moreover, a green roof is a better sound-proof and help blocking sounds of traffic and sirens.

Air quality can also be improved, since plants can naturally purify the surrounding air and supply the necessary oxygen. Thus the benefits of energy-efficient roofs are many, financially as well as non-financially. Hence it is best to consider the long term benefits rather than the immediate investment needed, while regarding these roofs. Owing to the high global warming effects, even the governments can provide incentives and tax breaks in the near future.

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