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Vinyl membranes are perfect for use on roof decks, balconies and common areas. Duradek®’s professional installation ensures waterproofing done right the first time. Expert detailing and integration into the building envelope provides superior moisture management, keeping properties completely protected at common points of vulnerability. Duradek® can be used as soon as it is installed as it requires no drying or curing time. With no ongoing maintenance requirements, Duradek® vinyl membranes are a long-term, worry-free waterproof deck and flat roof solution. Use alone as a walkable membrane or as the waterproofing component under floating systems like wood duck boards or concrete pavers in extreme high-traffic pedestrian areas.

Roof Solutions, LLC


The Duradek® System is unique in its variety of styles and applications. Duradek® protects the home from the damaging potential of rot due to water penetration while also creating valuable outdoor leisure space. Duradek® can be used on flat roof decks over living areas to maximize square footage of usable living space. Used on elevated decks, Duradek® keeps it protected below, instantly creating dry outdoor storage space or a shaded leisure area. Available in the industry’s broadest selection of patterns and colors, Duradek®’s durable, textured surface offers excellent slipresistance for safe footing. With a long life expectancy and low maintenance advantages, Duradek® vinyl stands up to a wide range of climates and is ideal for nearly any outdoor traffic area.

Roof Solutions, LLC


Over 150 million sq. ft. of proven performance brings assurance others can’t. Constructed of 60 mils of textured PVC which is laminated to a polyester reinforced fabric for both strength and flexibility, Duradek® has the best elongation in the industry. Our membrane moves with the substrate which is a critical feature in fully adhered systems. Duradek® Ultra is designed to accept pedestrian traffic and withstand extreme temperatures and ultraviolet conditions. It includes fireretardants and assembly options to achieve a Class A or C fire rating and is resistant to mold and most chemicals. Ongoing 3rd-party quality control provides assurance that Duradek® is consistently manufactured to the highest standards we have become known for.

Duradek ,® The ORIGINAL vinyl membrane system for waterproofing decks and balconies, was developed to solve difficult leak problems over 40 years ago.