The average lifespan of commercial roofs are around 15-20 years. It is important to regularly inspect, maintain and repair them from time to time for longevity of the roofing system. However if you are looking for an affordable commercial roofing solution which fits your budget and needs, the first step is to find an experienced contractor.

Commonly Used Commercial Roofs

Generally, they have a flat slope. Shingles are made out of wood, slate, clay and asphalt. Asphalt shingles remain the most cost-effective shingle options. However, they might require extensive maintenance on the long run.

Metal roofing has also been used extensively in commercial buildings. They are a reliable and an economical choice and are used increasingly due to their flexibility. They are made of copper, aluminum or steel and reflect sunlight and heat to insulate the building naturally.

The membrane system is also gaining popularity as they are lightweight, durable and reflect sunlight apart from being a cost-effective option.

Depending on the size and location of your commercial building, an experienced roofing contractor can suggest the best material. It helps to acquire multiple bids from various contractors so you can choose one with experience and one who offers services to suit your budget also. It is also important to hire a roofing contractor who will provide services without interfering with your business so you can continue operating your business. Also, choose a company which offers inspection services to save you thousands of dollars on unexpected problems. In most cases you can save a lot of money by delaying replacement. Regular inspection and maintenance and inspection will keep your roof in prime shape.

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Roof technology is evolving in terms of an energy efficiency perspective. The use of radiant barriers, reflective pigments and other techniques can lower roof surface temperature considerably and help conserve energy also.

ENERGY STAR Roof Products

With Americans spending close to $ 40 billion for their air conditioning needs annually, the need to reduce energy costs is high. That’s why ENERGY STAR qualified products are gaining immense popularity. They can bring down cooling demands by 10-15% during the peak hours. This international, government-backed program has helped businesses and home protect the environment while enjoying a safe, durable roofing system. Their products meet the stringent energy efficiency guidelines and are an ideal option for homes and offices.

Energy Efficient Roofing Options

If you have decided to install roofs which help conserve energy for your home or office, you will need to find the type which best suits the building. An experienced roofing contractor can help you decide between metal, membrane or tile roofs. Most of the existing options are easy to install and last long. Hence you do not have to worry about the time and resources spent to install them or the need to replace it soon. Cool roofing is also an option to keep your home or office cooler in summer, bringing down air conditioning costs considerably.

If you need to save money while building your new home or renovating your office, you can start with your roofs. With the choice of various energy efficient roofs, you are eligible for various tax credits also.

Learn more about smart commercial roofing solutions can save your business thousands of dollars a year. Roof Solutions LLC is the Southeast’s leader in installation and maintenance of commercial green roof systems.

The US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has been trying to come up with roof materials and plans which help to save energy. Since it is the only part of the building which remains exposed to sun, it tends to absorb a lot of energy thereby increasing cooling costs.

Environmental Benefits Of Green Roofs

Apart from a marked decrease in cooling costs, green roofing technology has helped reduce heat loss and energy consumption during winter months also. They help bring down storm water run-off and filter pollutants especially carbon dioxide out of the air.

They also help increase the life span of the roof and also contribute to LEED points for the building. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification provides independent, third-party verification for your building project and determines if the building is indeed environmentally responsible, profitable and a healthy place to live and work at.

Green Roofs – Save Money and the Environment

Generally, it consists of a vegetative layer grown on rooftops. These roofs provide shade and help reduce heat and temperature of the surface and surrounding air. Depending on the load capabilities and the structure of your building, many include a variety of grasses, flowers or trees of different heights. In these systems, plants and soil replace the conventional roof coverings and the same layer of plants and soil protects the water proofing membrane.

Installing a green roof is a complex task and it is best to consult a landscape architect and an independent roofing contractor to analyze the effectiveness for your home or office.

Learn more about smart commercial roofing solutions can save your business thousands of dollars a year. Roof Solutions LLC is the Southeast’s leader in installation and maintenance of commercial green roof systems.

The idea has existed for years but recent studies have proved that cool roofs can indeed offset carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the greenhouse effect. Recently the U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced a series of initiatives at the Department of Energy which will help implement cool roof technologies on various DOE facilities and other buildings across the federal government. The move hopes to set an example for the citizens to use sustainable building practices and reduce their carbon footprint.

What are Cool Roofs?

This technology helps build roofs which can reflect solar energy and radiate the absorbed and non-reflected solar energy better when compared to dark-colored roofs. They help reduce energy use and cut energy costs, curb air pollution and bring down the costs associated with roof maintenance also. In fact the Environmental Protection Agency has stated that these roofs will reduce your cooling energy use by 20-70%.

Your roof and its insulation are guaranteed a longer life because they are not subject to extreme temperatures or expansion/contraction cycles. Lower rooftop temperatures also imply cooler air in the surroundings and reduce the heat island effect which brings down smog levels.

Almost 90% of the homes in the US have asphalt shingles, which are the hottest roofing materials. There are many types of energy efficient roofs which you can use after evaluating the cost, durability and overall environmental impact. If you are considering cool roof technology you will need to evaluate the products before you choose one. As costs vary by material, you will need to get in touch with a certified roofing contractor to discuss your options. Note that there are a number of incentives for cool roofs which include rebates to tax deductions and loans.

Learn more about smart commercial roofing solutions can save your business thousands of dollars a year. Roof Solutions LLC is the Southeast’s leader in installation and maintenance of commercial green roof systems.

Did you know that an average homeowner in the US spends over $1000 a year on heating and cooling costs alone which accounts for half of the total energy bill? If you are doing the same wouldn’t you want to curb your heating and cooling costs? Cool roofs and other types of roofs which can save energy are the hot topics today and builders are choosing energy-saving building materials for new homes, home improvement and commercial complexes. There are companies which specialize in certain kinds of roofing while others work on installation of all types of energy saving roofs. Look out for Energy Star Roofs as they meet strict energy efficiency guidelines and help save energy and money.

Energy Efficient Roofs

Cool metal roofs offer a solid and attractive roofing solution as it is available in a variety of colors. They can save up to 40% of energy costs and also reduce air pollution in your neighborhood. Its finish is the key to its energy efficiency. They are made up of recycled material and allow quick installation on to existing asphalt roofs. They will reflect the solar energy and re-emit the absorbed radiation. Also it is extremely durable and is able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Ballasted roofing systems uses a roof membrane laid on the roof deck. It is held in its place with stones or pavers. It is commonly used in commercial complexes and research has indicated that it is helpful in reducing energy costs.

Green roofs help provide sufficient protection from heat with shade. These roofs have a vegetative layer growing on the roof top which absorbs heat and insulates the building. However these roofs need to be maintained and you will need to trim the plants or even replace the plants which are not growing properly.

It is always recommended that you speak with an experienced roofing contractor before you decide on a roofing solution. They will help you take into account the initial price and the maintenance costs on the long run so you can make a wise, informed choice.

Roof Solutions LLC is the Southeast’s leader in installation and maintenance of commercial green roof systems.

Your building can earn credits towards LEED certification in various categories which have been established by the US Green Building Council. For instance, sustainable sites and water efficient landscaping (both possible by usage of green roofs) can earn LEED points. Your building can also earn points for optimizing energy performance and due to the innovation and design.

If you have installed a green roof, you are eligible for a number of LEED credits. The heat absorption properties of these roofs help reduce the energy demands by almost half. This reduced capital costs to a considerable amount which not only translates to savings for the business. Depending on the total energy reduction levels for your specific building you can earn up to 15 LEED points.

The usage of materials and resources can also contribute to your LEED score. For example if you choose to use recycled materials, manage construction waste effectively, recycle content and reuse the materials you can garner more points. This is because LEED intends to divert demolition and other debris from being disposed in landfills.

Since innovation and design can also deliver points, you can use it to differentiate your roofing from the products and designs used on a regular basis by roofing contractors. You can document the exceptional performance due to your innovative design.

Green roofs or cool metal roofing solutions can turn out to be excellent contributions to your building projects. It can help your project achieve sustainability and a LEED rating you have been looking forward to.

Looking for a roofing contractor to find out more about how roofing can help you earn LEED points?

Learn more about smart commercial roofing solutions can save your business thousands of dollars a year.

Cool roofs use highly reflective and emmissive materials which help reduce the energy costs in your building. They can also successfully increase comfort of the occupants and reduce maintenance costs of the roofs.

While some cool roof products will cost over 10-20% more than traditional roofing products, there are a number of products which will cost less when compared to traditional products. But these roofs are clearly a better choice for roofers because they can work with innovative products and businesses to attain sustainability in the best manner. Also there are a number of rebates available for new construction and reconstruction projects. Rebates vary in different states and to apply for a specific rebate you need to choose one which is available in your state, verify that the materials used meet the rebate requirements and send the application with the supporting documentation to the provider who is offering the cool roof rebate. Apart from rebates, tax credits and other incentives for energy efficiency are a great source of financial motivation to move builders to install these roofs which are the way forward. A number of states including Georgia, Arizona and Florida are adopting building codes similar to the Title 24 in California to make cool roof mandatory in commercial buildings.

Cool Roof Requirements

If you have decided to install it you must consider the standards set for it. Expert roofing contractors can provide you with extensive information on the various requirements including the materials which meet the set criteria for reflectance and emmittance. They will find out if the materials are tested and rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council.

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Hurricane is a monstrous form of storm, which is characterized by strong winds and is usually accompanied by torrential rainfall, land and mud slides, and devastating winds. These cause a lot of damage to the house especially your roof and thus one should be well prepared in time and take adequate measures to prepare for the hurricane season. Since Hurricane Katrina caused destruction in Florida and Miami, people have understood the importance of hurricane prevention measure. Every tropical season brings the dire warnings of possible hurricanes. In the Atlantic Ocean most of the hurricanes are expected between June and November while in the Pacific, hurricanes occur between August and October. The biggest threat that comes with a hurricane is of strong gale. The winds accompanied by a hurricane are literally strong enough to sweep you off the ground. These gusty winds don’t even spare the homes and rooftops, abolishing every structure that they encounter in their path.

Your Roof During The Hurricane Season

Roofs are most vulnerable to the extensive damage caused by hurricanes and for proper protection of rooftops, you must ensure that the joint between roof and walls must be strong enough to sustain the uplift caused by low pressure above the rooftop and high pressure beneath. Most prone to danger are gable-end roofs. Gable appears like a triangular top section of a side wall with pitched roof that acts as filler in the space where the slopes of the roof meet.

Generally built using trusses with mere plywood, the strength of these roofs is not strong enough to sustain the harsh winds of a hurricane. To improve the tensile strength of these roofs you can try adding iron braces to your gable roof. If truss bracing is not sufficiently present in your current roof structure, then you must take immediate steps to incorporate it, as it is one of the strongest measures against winds of hurricane.

Look Out For Loose Or Broken Shingles

Repair loose or broken shingles (if you find any) ahead of the hurricane season. Also, look out for loose hanging cables on your roof. Even if you have a flat roof, inspect the roof ahead of the hurricane season to confirm that everything is in good shape. Securing roof panels is also very important. Make these joints stronger by bolts and screws. Taking sufficient care of your roof, will provide you the much needed security in a hurricane.

Hurricanes can cause a lot of damage and thus prevention and preparation is better as this also reduces the expenses which one will have to make to mend the roof if something happens as a result of the hurricane. You can rely on commercial roofing contractors to save your roof ahead of the hurricane season.

Looking for a reliable roofer online? There are plenty of choices but it is important to remember that reliability comes with experience and the key to finding a reliable roofer is find an experienced roofer online.

If you are looking for a reliable roofer, the yellow pages are just one of the places you can use. A great place to look for a reliable roofer is on the internet, this is because you can find apart from the contact information, reviews of customers, so you can be sure about the roofer you finally choose.

Tips To Find A Roofer

If you are seeking a roofer, your family and friends are your best source of information as most of them at some point or the other would have gone through the experience of a home renovation, so finding a good roofer would not be that difficult with their help. Moreover their references are trustworthy. Apart from that, you can keep your eyes open for any roofing work taking place in the neighborhood. You will not only obtain the contact details of a roofer, but will also get to see the proof of his work.  You can even rely on the roofing supplier of your area to help you find a reliable roofer. But before you contact a supplier, you need to ensure that they are not in any kind of contract with a particular roofer, because in such a situation it is possible that he would promote that particular roofer. You may even choose to ask your building inspector as they are responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the buildings and are generally on good terms with roofers in the area.

If none of these mediums work for you (due to lack of time or contacts), fret not, the internet will save the day. While you look for roofers in your area, you will get a chance to read reviews from homeowners or commercial building owners who have used the services of the roofer. However, you need to check the experience, licensing and credibility of the roofing companies before you choose one. The roof is one of the most important areas of your house or office, so do not take the process to find a reliable roofer too casually. Remember that your roof is the savior from biting winters and scorching summers, so it deserves regular maintenance and a reliable roofer to protect it.

Do you want to install a green roof for your home or office? Do you believe that they are the way forward in a world inflicted with problems related to global warming?

Green roof systems are an extension of the present roof with additional high quality water proofing, roof repellant systems, drainage system, filter cloth, a lightweight growing medium and plants. Green roofs are the way forward for experimental and eco-friendly people & businesses as it provides an environment for wildlife and retains rainwater to help reduce the risk of flooding. It helps to keep the building warm during winter and cool in summer too.

Advantages of Green Roofs

Green roofs have been extensively used by architects in all kinds of buildings as they look good and are very functional also. In fact some cities like Toronto have mandated this and Chicago promotes them. These roofs are a great example to reveal that functionality and good looks can exist together without compromising on any one, contrary to the common belief. A research study done by Nottingham Trent University found out that the temperature beneath the membrane of a normal home roof fluctuates about 0.2 to 32 degree Celsius and in green roofs the variation is about 4.7 to 17.1 degree Celsius which further emphasizes their benefits.

Green roofs can reduce the impact of noise on the inner side of the building and can reduce the external noise effects too. Also by using photovoltaic and solar panel the Green roofs can contribute more and act towards the revolutionary energy conservation path. Green roofs trap and filter rain water. They increase the life period of roof and provide a habitat for birds, insects and small animals. They act as filter and clean out the pollutants present in the air.

Reduced Energy Expenditure With Green Roofs

The layers of the green roof systems generally contain plants, filter fabric, growing medium, insulation, and a waterproof membrane. Depending on the location and structure of your home or office, the layers of the roofs may differ. The green roofs reduce the energy expenditure of the building and they are good for the environment also. They add greenery to the environment and are a good option especially in the present times when space has become a constraint and not everyone can have a green patch or garden in the house. They also help reduce the level of pollution in the house and also protect the building from extreme heat or rather extreme temperatures. All this while reducing your energy expenditure. Hence, green roofs are definitely the way forward. Find out more about green roofs and how green roof solutions can save your business thousands of dollars a year.