Roof Solutions LLC Awarded the Braelinn Village Reroofing Project for Commercial Roof Repair in Peachtree City, Georgia

Roof Solutions LLC is proud to announce that they have been awarded a large-scale commercial roofing project for Braelinn Village in Peachtree City, Georgia. The company has been hard at work on this impressive task for several weeks now, and the expected completion date is projected to be at the end of this month.

Peachtree City, Georgia (Vocus/PRweb) November 4, 2009 — Roof Solutions, a leading provider of commercial roof repair, was approached by General contractor J.M. Wilkerson to submit a bid for a Braelinn Village roof repair project. Roof Solutions has been on the forefront of providing high-quality and affordable roofing repair for several years, their record for outstanding service has made them a preferred destination for several businesses. The company is proud to announce that they received the contract for the Braelinn Village Reroofing Project and began work on September 11, 2009. Working on this type of large-scale project is their specialty, and those supervising the project have reported that all checkpoints of progress are being met.

Roof Solutions LLC

Substantial improvements to both the structure quality and appearance are being made by the contractors working on the roofing system. Braelinn Village is a thriving residential and business community in Peachtree City, Georgia. Both town officials and residents are excited about the improvements that are being made in their neighborhood. Peachtree City and the surrounding areas have been growing rapidly over the past decade, and the large number of construction needed has attracted many contractors to the area. In this competitive market, Roof Solutions has been able to stand out given their reputation for quality and price.

Being the largest union commercial roofing contractor in the State of Georgia, Roof Solutions was a logical choice to accomplish a project of this magnitude. Buildings in Braelinn village are in need of massive reroofing, and work, as noted is expected to take a few months. Extensive commercial roof repairs are being made that will greatly benefit the structure and appearance of the buildings are being provided The existing roof system is to be removed and disposed of and replaced with a Johns Manville mechanically-attached 45-millimeter white TPO membrane. This high-quality commercial metal roofing is a big improvement from the previous roofing systems.

Roof Solutions is working closely with Roofers Local 136 to man the job with union employees. Their expertise and hard work has seen the project through over the past several weeks, and both Roof Solutions and their partners are proud to announce that expected completion date is November 30, 2009. Both the people working on the roof repair and the residents of Braelinn Village are anticipating a successful end to the undertaking. All work has been on-schedule and efficient to this point, and the managers say the project will end either on-time or ahead of schedule. The commercial roofing contractors have performed similar development plans in the past, and they say that certain issues that can slow progress, such as bad weather, have not been a problem.

About Roof Solutions:

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