Metal Roof Restoration to New City Church in Fairburn, Georgia Provided by Roof Solutions, LLC


Roof Solutions, LLC is excited to announce its Metal Roof Restoration project at the New City Church, North Campus in Fairburn, Georgia, using energy efficient, bright white liquid applied membrane system (ERSystems – Eraguard 1000 Metal Roof Restoration System).

(PRWEB) June 01, 2012

Roof Solutions, LLC, provider of Georgia commercial roof repair, supplied a cost-effective, eco-friendly answer to the needs of Fairburn’s New City Church. With many functional and environmental benefits, Roof Solutions chose to use the Eraguard 1000 Metal Roof Restoration System as the best solution for the repairs.

Eraguard 1000 is a single component, water-based acrylic, elastomeric coating. It is designed to be a weather barrier, as well as provide UV protection.

The application process started by pressure washing, scraping and grinding the surfaces in order to remove any rust, old paint, or algae from the roof. This procedure was followed by removing all loose caulks and mastics. New stitch screws and oversized fasteners were installed to insure all seams would be tight and functional. Any remaining rust was primed with Eraguard 2000 at 8 wet mils (wet mils measures the weight of the product when applied and still “wet”) to stop future rusting, and a single component polyurethane flashing grade mastic (referred to as HER) was mounted over all the seams, fasteners, penetrations and repair areas to aid in water tightness. Finally, two coats of Eraguard 1000 acrylic coating (at 16 wet mils each coat) were installed, forming a total dry mil thickness to average 18-20, which created a protective coating membrane and eco-friendly Cool roofing.

There are many functional benefits Roof Solution’s commercial roof repair offers the New City Church. Firstly, the procedure will halt further panel rusting. In addition, the tough waterproofing mastic (HER) has the advantage of being able to stretch and flex in the elements while still keeping the roof watertight. Panels have been properly stitched to reduce water infiltrations and potential wind up lift, as well as creating protection from hail which could damage the existing galvanized barrier dip coating. Plus, the highly reflective materials will reduce thermal shock. There are now 20 mils of liquid membrane for weathering the UV and biological attack on the roof for the next ten years. All of this will allow the roof to be completely sustainable and renewable.

The energy benefits of the Eraguard 1000 Metal Roof Restoration System have added an environmentally friendly condition to the New City Church. A coated roof area is similar to adding green space in an urban environment, important to commercial roof repair in Atlanta. The new reflective system reduces urban heat island effects. Urban heat island effect is simply the absorption of heat in metropolitan areas which increases the immediate atmosphere by 5-10 degrees depending upon the city or temperatures. (For example, if all roofs were coated white, the average global temperatures could be reduced by 1 degree and potentially reverse the effects of global warming.) Direct thermal drive has been reflected initially by 88-90% and will average 70% over the next ten years.

Likewise, rain water run-off is now much cooler and less likely to damage the natural ecosystem versus heated rain water discharged from other types of metal roofs which have a potential of reaching 160 degrees. Also, the existing insulation is much more effective as the church’s restored panel system should now never exceed ambient temperatures of 10 degrees. In the hot summer months, the church’s air conditioners will operate more efficiently, increasing their life cycles.

“This ended up being a real win win for Fairburn as not only were they able to restore this magnificent roof to its historic condition but they will also save money on energy costs going forward. Fairburn’s New City Church is now eligible for Georgia Power’s .05 per foot incentive. Plus, the new reflective roof restoration can be expensed the same year rather than depreciated if replaced or retrofitted,” said Matt Patterson, President of Roof Solutions LLC. Also, a coating system can be applied for LEED points if certification is desired, as well as consolidated with energy efficient upgrades for state and federal tax exemptions.

In addition, with this type of commercial roof repair, the New City Church roof has been restored, rather than replaced. Because of this, no roofing materials were introduced to local landfills. For the future, the roof can be rejuvenated every ten years by simply cleaning and adding an additional coat of Eraguard 1000. Because the roof can be sustained, it is possible to maintain the roof functioning indefinitely.

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