How Roofing Can Help You Earn LEED Points

Your building can earn credits towards LEED certification in various categories which have been established by the US Green Building Council. For instance, sustainable sites and water efficient landscaping (both possible by usage of green roofs) can earn LEED points. Your building can also earn points for optimizing energy performance and due to the innovation and design.

If you have installed a green roof, you are eligible for a number of LEED credits. The heat absorption properties of these roofs help reduce the energy demands by almost half. This reduced capital costs to a considerable amount which not only translates to savings for the business. Depending on the total energy reduction levels for your specific building you can earn up to 15 LEED points.

The usage of materials and resources can also contribute to your LEED score. For example if you choose to use recycled materials, manage construction waste effectively, recycle content and reuse the materials you can garner more points. This is because LEED intends to divert demolition and other debris from being disposed in landfills.

Since innovation and design can also deliver points, you can use it to differentiate your roofing from the products and designs used on a regular basis by roofing contractors. You can document the exceptional performance due to your innovative design.

Green roofs or cool metal roofing solutions can turn out to be excellent contributions to your building projects. It can help your project achieve sustainability and a LEED rating you have been looking forward to.

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