Green Roofing Systems

The US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has been trying to come up with roof materials and plans which help to save energy. Since it is the only part of the building which remains exposed to sun, it tends to absorb a lot of energy thereby increasing cooling costs.

Environmental Benefits Of Green Roofs

Apart from a marked decrease in cooling costs, green roofing technology has helped reduce heat loss and energy consumption during winter months also. They help bring down storm water run-off and filter pollutants especially carbon dioxide out of the air.

They also help increase the life span of the roof and also contribute to LEED points for the building. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification provides independent, third-party verification for your building project and determines if the building is indeed environmentally responsible, profitable and a healthy place to live and work at.

Green Roofs – Save Money and the Environment

Generally, it consists of a vegetative layer grown on rooftops. These roofs provide shade and help reduce heat and temperature of the surface and surrounding air. Depending on the load capabilities and the structure of your building, many include a variety of grasses, flowers or trees of different heights. In these systems, plants and soil replace the conventional roof coverings and the same layer of plants and soil protects the water proofing membrane.

Installing a green roof is a complex task and it is best to consult a landscape architect and an independent roofing contractor to analyze the effectiveness for your home or office.

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