Energy Saving Roofing Technology

Did you know that an average homeowner in the US spends over $1000 a year on heating and cooling costs alone which accounts for half of the total energy bill? If you are doing the same wouldn’t you want to curb your heating and cooling costs? Cool roofs and other types of roofs which can save energy are the hot topics today and builders are choosing energy-saving building materials for new homes, home improvement and commercial complexes. There are companies which specialize in certain kinds of roofing while others work on installation of all types of energy saving roofs. Look out for Energy Star Roofs as they meet strict energy efficiency guidelines and help save energy and money.

Energy Efficient Roofs

Cool metal roofs offer a solid and attractive roofing solution as it is available in a variety of colors. They can save up to 40% of energy costs and also reduce air pollution in your neighborhood. Its finish is the key to its energy efficiency. They are made up of recycled material and allow quick installation on to existing asphalt roofs. They will reflect the solar energy and re-emit the absorbed radiation. Also it is extremely durable and is able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Ballasted roofing systems uses a roof membrane laid on the roof deck. It is held in its place with stones or pavers. It is commonly used in commercial complexes and research has indicated that it is helpful in reducing energy costs.

Green roofs help provide sufficient protection from heat with shade. These roofs have a vegetative layer growing on the roof top which absorbs heat and insulates the building. However these roofs need to be maintained and you will need to trim the plants or even replace the plants which are not growing properly.

It is always recommended that you speak with an experienced roofing contractor before you decide on a roofing solution. They will help you take into account the initial price and the maintenance costs on the long run so you can make a wise, informed choice.

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