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Roof Solutions Commercial Roofing Company Pleased to Earn the Peak Level 2010 for the Johns Manville Peak Advantage Program

Roof Solutions LLC, a leading commercial roofing contractor, is pleased to announce that it has received the Peak Level 2010 from the Johns Manville Peak Advantage Program. This recognition is awarded to top installers of Johns Manville roofing systems, which are backed by the most comprehensive quality and service guarantees in the industry. Roof Solutions […]

Roof Solutions Announces Launch of Fully Responsive Website

Roof Solutions LLC launches their fully functional responsive website that will serve as an online portal for customers to connect with the company and obtain roofing repair, maintenance quotes and services. Atlanta, GA – August 30, 2013 Roof Solutions LLC has announced the launch of their new fully-featured website that promotes the company’s mission to […]

Roofing Terms to Know

Commercial Roofing Systems   Built-UP Roofing A built-up roof is composed of three elements: felt, bitumen, and surfacing. The felts, which are made of glass, organic or polyester fibers, serve much the same purpose as reinforcing steel in concrete. The felts are necessary as tensile reinforcement to resist the extreme pulling forces in the roofing […]

Flat Roof Repair From the Commercial Construction Experts

Weathering or lack of maintenance could lead to roof-related problems. Once the damage has been assessed, you can choose to take the situation into your hands with DIY or choose an expert to have your roofing system repaired, professionally. Flat roofs are characterized by a horizontal or nearly horizontal surface. It is believed to be […]

Metal Roof Repair From the Best in Commercial Roofing

The roofing industry has been expanding along with the roof repairing business. There are various styles of roofing constructed with various materials. Each type and material can get repaired in a different manner, which needs different repairing style. In case of repairing leaks, it is normally a challenging task to find it rather than doing […]

Make Your Roofing More Energy Efficient with a Cool Roof

The benefits of cool roofs multiply over time. They can help in saving money in addition to protecting the environment. By installing a cool roof, you are investing in the future and in the environment. A cool roof can save the money by lowering the electricity bills, since they can provide a cooling effect during […]

Green Roof Systems Can Save Your Business Money on Heating, Cooling, and Taxes

There are many advancements in building materials that assist in saving money and energy. Though research on this topic was initially launched for energy preservation purposes, it also helps in saving money as well as preserving environment. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that nearly $40 billion is spent to air condition buildings in […]

Commercial Flat Roof Repair – Resources and Materials

Materials commonly used in flat roof installation and repair: Built-Up Roof Otherwise referred to as tar or tar and gravel roof, this roof comprises of 3-5 layers of asphalt laminated with coal hot tar, hot asphalt or pitch. Gravel is finally added for protection from UV rays. This is now becoming less popular owing to […]